Monday, November 21, 2011

Working November 11, 2011

After working on leash manners, lie downs, and that'll do's for 2 weeks at home, we went back for another lesson. Today we started out in the big field that has a round pen in the middle. At first we let him work the sheep through the round pen. Flanking, finding balance, and lying down on the outside of the pen. Then we went inside the pen and brought the sheep out to the big field (possibly 400yd by 300yd). Here we started working on outruns, balance, and lie downs. 

He made lots of progress. His outruns looked good. We were doing a '' outrun set up. Very little, probably 15ft between dog and sheep at most. His lie down was better than before, but no where near where it needs to be. We can have a perfect lie down at home, but something about being on sheep makes his lie down slow. We also worked on walking in a straight line without him blowing the sheep past me. Basically working on getting out. 

This was about all we worked on this session besides continuing to learn his side commands and getting on to him for gripping. 

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