Saturday, December 13, 2008

Long Time No Typie!

Yeah, yeah, I need to keep this blog up. . .it's been busy
Anywhoo, the pup is doing well. He's so attatched to me. He will follow me around everywhere, loves to cuddle, annnnd.....

Is 10 months old now! Happy 10 months Blazer Boy! So here are some pictures. . .

"Did you know I can fly??"

So yesterday was the last day of getting new doors put in and a deck covering (which ment the dogs had to be either crated while the workers were here or shut in a bedroom. Much to there -mostly Blazes LOL- dismay)
"Whaaaat? I have to be locked in here for a DAY with HEEERRRR?!"

"Look MUM, Iz gettin mee leaz"

"Iz lost anz earz, burz Iz stills wantz outz dis pace"

"Ahhhhz! FREEEEZ!"