Wednesday, December 17, 2008

It's slow. . .but busy

So, it's pretty slow around here. Yet, it's extremely busy. LOL! How's that possible, you ask?

Well, I'm was (was being the key word here, thank goodness!) really busy with midterms, Christmas parties, and volunteering. It's been a pretty boring week for Blaze so far. Not much physical exercise but we've been doing some mentel exercise. Right now we are working on Heel.

I fear it will continue to be boring for him. I've got cleaning and school all day tomorrow since we've got family coming over for Christmas (Blaze says "PEOPLE! WEE!"). Then Friday he goes to the vet/boarding kennels for the weekend. He'll have a blast, though. He LURVS the gal their who look after him and he's such a puppy when it comes to playing with other dogs.

Oh, BTW, if I ever call Blaze "Mr. Wiggle Butt", don't worry. He gets all "wiggly" when someone talks to him (just ask anyone that knows him, LOL).

Anyone who reads this, could I ask a favour of you? My friend just lost her dog in a very tragic accident. Could you maybe give her a few prayers/good thoughts?

So, for now, thats all. I'll update with Christmas pictures and the "loot" that he got after Christmas! :D